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Breast Lift with Saline Implants

Before After This is a 38 year old patient mother of 4, from Newtown Connecticut who went thru breast lift...
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Breast Lift with Silicone Implants

Before After Breast Lift – Silicone Implants This is a 48 year old female patient from Trumbull, CT. Dr. Sofer...
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Breast Lift Surgery c30241

Breast Lift Surgery This patient complained that after having two kids her breast had lost the fullness she once had....
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Breast Lift Surgery c38200

Breast Lift Surgery 1 month after surgery. 42 year old female with significant volume loss and sagging breast after childbirth....
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Breast Lift Surgery c43549

Before After Breast Lift Surgery This is a 32 Year old Female from Stratford CT, interested in Breast Lift Surgery....