Fat Transfer (Liposculpture)

Fat Transfer: Option for’Natural’ Body Sculpting of the Breast, Face, Buttocks and Hands

Natural fat transfer are enhancements to the face, breast, buttocks and the hands by transferring fat from the abdomen, thighs or waist.
Fat transfer technologies have made the fat transfer process safer, gentler and much more effective than ever before. Immediate results with ongoing improvments over several months.
Dr. Sofer can remove unwanted fat from problem areas and then transplant that same fat into the spots where you would rather have it. It softens the appearance of a implant after breast reconstruction, fills in facial contours, round out or adds volume to your buttocks or adds volume for a more youthful-looking hands. Every one of these fat transfer options can utilize a patient’s very own natural filler–their own fat! Fat transfer technologies are safer and more effective than ever before.

Natural Fat Implants for the Face

face2-300x214Harvesting fat from one area of the body and placing it into another area is known as Natural Fat Transfer or Natural Fat Grafting. Dr. Sofer uses Water or Body- Jet Liposuction in essence because it allows a ”purer” fat that is ideally favored to be transferred.
Common areas of the face where natural filler can be used includes: the nasolabial folds (the deep folds on either side of the nose and mouth),  the cheeks and cheek hollows, the lips and shallow lines around the lips. Natural fat can also be used to augment irregularities in the face, such as icepick acne scarring or to fill a dent running across the bridge of the nose.
Natural fat transfer is ideal for both women and men, and creates a softer, more youthful and energetic appearance.

Natural Breast Reconstruction with Fat Transfer

Cosmetic Surgeon, Alfred Sofer, M.D., F.A.C.S., offer breast reconstruction with implant and fat transfer to soften the look of your implant or fat transfer after mastectomy or lumpectomy to soften the area effected, by utilizing a patient’s own harvested fat. The fat from the harvested areas is removed in a manner which screens, purifies and fortifies the harvested cells, greatly improving the chances of successful transplantation and favorable, long-lasting results.

How Much Enhancement Can be Done with Natural Fat Transfer?

One cup size at most is suggested, but the actual amount of breast enlargement will be at the doctor’s discretion (you will consult with the Dr. Sofer prior to any treatments). The amount of fat available which can be injected will depend upon how much fat is harvested. Fat transfer is also especially beneficial to increase the size of one breast which is slightly smaller than the other, or to improve dimpling or other structural irregularities. If you have excess fat available after your breast enhancement procedure, there may be other body areas that can also utilize this natural fat.

The Natural Buttocks ‘Butt-Lift’ that Uses Your Own Fat

Perhaps you have heard of the ‘Brazilian Butt Lift’ procedure– Natural fat transfer procedure gives a very ‘natural’ looking result, which doesn’t utilize foreign implant material, but instead uses your very own body fat, harvested from other body areas, fortified, and then transplanted by micro injections into the areas where you could use a little extra volume.

How is the Natural Fat Buttocks Enhancement Procedure Performed?

Tumescent IV sedation is generally considered to be one of the safest, and most comfortable sedation methods, and is one that is used for many of our surgical procedures. The fat from these ‘donor’ areas is filtered, condensed, purified and fortified in a process that helps it to ‘take’ well in the transplanted areas. The liposuction and fat preparation methods used preserve the integrity of the fat cells, creating a very favorable grafting material (from your own fat) using Water or Body-Jet Lipsuction. This freshly-created mixture is then immediately injected into the desired areas using tiny injections. Injecting your own purified fat back into the body through micro-injections offers a much lower risk of infection or tissue rejection than introducing a foreign inplant material into the body. The amount of fat that can be re-injected (after condensing, purifying and fortifying) will depend upon the amount of fat that can be removed in the initial lipolysis procedure.

The recovery time for fat transfer varies from patient to patient, depending upon the body areas involved and complexity of the fat harvesting procedures used. Most patients are up and around within a day a few days and back to their routines. Some swelling, bruising, post-surgical discomfort is normal and expected.

To discuss your options, schedule a consultation with Dr. Alfred Sofer.